spontaneous ntrack combustion

it just collapses like a flan

This is wierd. When I close ntrack by hitting the x in the top right of the window during playback, rather than the menu option, it gets mad at me.

When I reload it demands a fresh install. This means setting up all my old preferences, paths, settings etc.

I have a trusty old 1846 build of v4.0.5 (any later versions gobble up memory) …

Is there anything I can do, or must I just learn the lost art of patience?

Stop playback before you close it? This seems like a good habit anyway, especially on slower or resource-limited computers. Playback takes a lot of “concentration” on the computer’s part, and trying to do something else at the same time is akin to “distracting” it.

It shouldn’t do that, but I have to say I’ve never tried it. I treat n-track very gently and do things “right” and it rarely bites back nowadays.

Not exactly a fix, but I found a workaround.

I should probably have mentioned that this happens most often when ntrack has hung - when it keeps on playing but is as responsive to touch as a stiff on ether.

Instead of just x’ing out, I go back to the desktop, load up a 2nd simultaneous copy of ntrack, then quit the stalled one.

i can then keep the fresh version running and exit out normally, and it remains stable.