SpyWare Alert

Easy Tab Maker Pro

Beware of anything from VisAid Development, Inc. The application I downloaded last night is Easy Tab Maker Pro, Copyright © 1994-2003 TG Byte Software GmbH. The link to the site where I found it is http://www.lookoutsoft.net/

In hindsight they do say that it is ad based over on the contacts page…intresting place to put it.

I did NOT install this application. I started the setup and noticed “partnered with”, “toolbar” and “Blaze” mentioned in the EULA. I did not continue.

I run Microsoft AntiSpyware on this machine. When it automatically ran at 2 AM it found spyware in the windows folder and I was able to delete it. It was there even though I exited the setup.

Dirty tactics…this stuff ticks me off to no end.