That was cool. An hour of Squeeze, live, in a small radio studio, with maybe a hundred or so in the audience, on crackin’ form, too.
Sadly on the radio:-(
There’s a mighty magic going on with their voc’s - just an octave apart but super richly resonant.

Would’ve liked to have heard that.

Tune in, Mark. ‘Listen again’.


Great station. Loads of live stuff.

PS. They have a ‘re-player’ (BBCiPlayer) and run most stuff for a week.

Love em.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Something about their voices really works well in octaves. Back in 1982 or so we did a few of their songs occasionally, and we never quite got that part right.

I love playing their songs for crowds…(much like Steely Dan) the average listener doesn’t appreciate it, just another song…but for that one or two guys that are musicians or connoisseur it is.

To have that one guy come up to you in between sets and say, “man I can’t believe you played that song I have never heard any band besides them attempt it live” it makes it all worth it. :agree:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

‘Take Me, I’m Yours’ buzzes!!!
Which way round do they do it - Tilbrook low, Difford, high? Whichever, the lower can put more energy and note into it than most when it comes to practically speaking.

Tilbrook high, Difford low.