SR 202 Computer Music Problem

I am experiencing some problems running the Computer Music SR 202 VSTi drum sampler in N-Track.

The audio play for around 3/4 bars then mutes the only way to get the audio back is to reload the whole .sng file. Hoevwer, after 3/4 bars the audio mutes again.

I have tried the SR 202 in FL Studio and Tracktion and it works fine.

Has anyone else experienced this or better still, have any ideas on how to fix it?

Well I’m no N-track expert but…I just purchased Groove Agent drum machine and it also has a problem with muting
when it should not.

I played around with all the settings in N-track and although I’ve not really nailed a total cure there a few things that seemed to help.

1/ set a low latency setting within preferences/buffering.
2/Try starting off at a tempo which IS NOT 120bpm
3/ Under preferences/midi settings internal timer res=8ms
ticks per quarter note= 960
4/ Midi echo should have the “Keep midi devices Open” checked
5/ Same for "keep audio devices open"

These all seemed to make things better…I believe this is a very nasty bug/habit of N-track but I am a new user so…


thanks - i’ll try that tonight.

I found a freeware drum sampler called Loopazoid that seems to work. Not as much functionality but at least it plays


I use Loopazoid… I find it great.

It times I have used SR202 to retune samples a little, but then output the hit to a new WAV and import to Loopazoid.

I like Loopazoid above all the other free Drum samplers in that you can build a complete drum kit in one patch. By this I mean - Bass, 2 Snares, 6 toms, open/close/pedal HiHat, 2 rides, 3 crashes, splash, 2 chinas, tambourine, 2 shakers, 2 cowbells, 2 timbale, whistle, and still have some space for other items as required…

It is only one velocity layer, but by playing with the 2 snare sounds, and itelligent group outs, and a tingle of slow chorus on the snare and cymbal groups, this can give an extra bit of realism.

See how you go!