Stability Issues with Slave Program

Hi All… I’m new to ntrack, I’m hoping some of there more experienced musicians can help me out a bit. I am attemping to use Reason Adapted along with N-track. I can record tracks successufully using Reason as a slave-- problem comes when I shut down the programs. I do it in the order that n-track recommends. (slave first, then n-track!) N-track always develops a bug, must shut-down, and will not re-start without announcing a bug and shutting down again. I have been re-installing n-track and trying different things but nothing seems to work.

Can anybody offer any guidance? I appreciate the help!

I assume that Reason is acting as a ReWire slave rather than a VSTi or DX one. I use Fruity Loops over ReWire from time to time and the sequence is something like (I’m at work so it’s not in front of me):

1. Click to exit n-track.
2. n-track comes up with a dialog saying “Remember to close ReWire slave”.
3. Click OK on dialog.
4. ReWire client closes automatically.
5. n-track comes up with dialog saying “Make sure ReWire slave is closed”.
6. Click OK on dialog.
7. n-track closes.

i.e. I do not close the ReWire client seperately (even though the dialogs sort of suggest to do so) and n-track closes it automatically.

Hope this helps.
Ta John