Start Recording Hotkey

Hotkey not functioning

I am using a cordless keyboard and mouse with my DAW. In an effort to minimize computer fan noise, I am using mics approximately 10 feet away from computer. N-track manual indicates that “0” zero is the hotkey to start recording. I have been unable to activate recording with the “0” hotkey. The spacebar is the hotkey to stop recording and it works. Anyone having a similar problem?

4.1.5 2041 here and 0 (zero) works just fine on the main keyboard and the number pad. Are you sure you’ve got Numlock on it you are using the number pad?

Is 0 actually working on your keypad (in notepad for example)?

Have you tried a directly-connected keyboard?


Another thing to check is to make sure you click on the title bar of n-Track itself so it is the active program.

I have found that the mixer is perceived as seperate by Windows. If you have clicked on the title bar of the mixer before using the hot keys, they won’t work. I can’t count the number of times I have been burned by this.

arie397 PM’d me to tell me he’d got it going…