Starting a new song in a new folder?

Sorry to bring this up again

I’m sure I saw this question ages ago, but I can’t find the thread.

How do you point a brand new song to a specific folder?

In the past, I’ve created a click track from another program, and imported it to a folder I’ve created (on another HDD) and just gone from there, but now I need to record without this starting point. There must be a way to do it without creating a dummy track just to delete it again.

Or point me to the old thread, if that’s easier. Come to think of it, it may have been on Audiominds. Not sure.


Preferences>Options Tab

Click on "ask for names of waves to be recorded"
then you’ll always be asked where and what you want the file named.
(I never let programs put files in default locations… you’ll never find 'em all that way.)

Or you can do a song and then go File>Move/Rename Song; that’ll put it into a specific folder.

The “ask for names” option would be a huge hassle for me, due to the number of times I stop and try again.

The simplest way is when starting a new song, just use “Save as …” and create a new folder in the file browser window, go in there, and pick a file name. The wave files will get put in that folder by default. You can always import a wave file from another folder without goofing things up.

I always start n-Track first and then use the menu to open the song I’m working on (or I turn on “open last song at startup” or whatever it’s called). For some silly reason, when you double-click a song file to start it, n-Track doesn’t get the clue that this is where you want to work. (Maybe that’s fixed in V4; I use V3 still.)


Thanks guys. Works a treat. (Pretty obvious really, but sometimes you just need to be told).