Starting two tracks to a song at seperate times?

Hey guys, I just starting work with nTrack and I was wondering how I could possibly start one track to a song at a different time than another. For example I have a song that has two tracks (rhythm guitar and lead guitar). I recorded them seperately and I want the lead guitar track to start lets say 10 seconds after the rhythm guitar track starts. What do I have to do to set this up? Thanks much.

Click and hold the little “cross” in the waveform display of the lead track and slide the item to the right for later playback or to the left for earlier. OR open the properties dialog for the wave item in question by right clicking and choosing “Properties”. At the bottom of the resulting dialog should be a button saying “Wave file properties” or similar. Inside THAT box you can directly type in the offset amount for the start time. Positive values are later, negative values are earlier… (I think?) :D


To properly do this you should set up a sng project. Record the rythm guitar, then record the lead guitar as you listen to the rythm guitar. nTrack will automatically sync the two files.

Did I miss something in your question?