'Static Arrows' Needed in Pulldown Sub Menus

Hello all.
I’ve been using n-Track for 15 years, if not longer.

Just dove into version 9 from 7 and I must say I really miss the old GUI format of Flavio’s software.
Yes, I am becoming a stubborn old man!

Regarding the sub menus…

VIEW menu —> MIXER menu —> (6 other choices)

There are 6 sub categories inside the MIXER sub menu.
The ARROW is not evident/visible until the mouse is placed over it.

Same goes for the EFX PLUGINS sub menus.
This is even worse for me, in all honesty, it is easy to forget what is where.

If this could be fixed to show a static arrow at all times, it would help find things much quicker.
I know I am nit picky, but I find many of the new features/esthetics of the software more complicated than in the past.

Just saying.


Thanks for reporting the issue.
We’re about to release a new build of n-Track (3706) which fixes this problem and other minor bugs.


Most excellent Andrea. Thank you much!


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