Steinberg VSL-2020


Hi folks.

I have used n-track off and on for a while now and might switch completly over very soon, from Cubase (for a number of reasons) but I am having trouble selecting the VSL-2020 with the evaluation version of N-track v5. It just hangs completly. Any thoughts?

Also, does n-track support any mixer\controllers yet?

Thanx in advance

if i have found the right information, the soundcard you are usind is mainly an ADAT 16 channel (two lightpipe) unit with 2 audio outs as well, if so, on that score there should be no problems, i have a RME hammerfall ADAT 24 channel unit (3 optical outs) and it runs perfectly under N, however looking at the steinberg info the problem may lie in the text below -

“One of the really neat things is that the VSL 2020 comes with the Steinberg V-Stack which is softare that allows you to run upto 16 VST Virtual Instruments or VSTi for short. The software has 8 send effects, 5 insert effect slots and 4 master effects on the output. What the V-Stack allows you to do is to put the VSL 2020 on a different computer and then run all of your VSTi synths on that computer and use another computer for your MIDI and digital audio playback. This divides up the CPU load and work flow across two computers and allows you do a whole lot more than just a single computer. The VSL 2020’s outputs are then connected to the digital inputs on the MIDI/Digital Audio machine where you can monitor and record you V-Stack synths back into your DAW” -

you do not say if Cuebase is installed on the same PC as N ?

there should be a control panel for your soundcard, i would advise you to see if there are options in there that may be causing the problem - if you have opened the MIDI sync prefs box make sure that N is still master and not waiting for MTC to be present before it will run - (right hand box in MIDI SYNC PREFS enable button should not look like it is pressed in) -

CONTROL SURFACES - YES with pots and sliders NO with sysx (transport controls) etc -

send a request to Flavio telling him where he can find info on your soundcard and see what he can do for you -

Dr J

Thanx for the reply Dr J.

Actually reinstalling N-track worked. I like the new interface (darker colors) but I need to, once again, get used to the routing. I have used Cubase SX 3 since it came out and love it but the updates have been lacking and the new Cubase 4 is riddled with bugs. My studio is no longer open to comercial use and I now have only one room for a personal size studio. So, needing the fancy, high-priced software is no longer necessary.

I got it all working now so I will make my decision to buy in the next few days.


untill i can afford something like Nuendo or Sequia i am happy to use N in my studio, not being laden with plugins and worthless synths i find it is the ideal tool for fast production, Cusbase and most of the mainstream DAWs are OK for people who have unlimited time to spend messing with the audio, in the studio it has to be ‘RIGHT’ on the button first time - N may not be bug free, but once you know what NOT to do it works like a dream, the only BIG problem i have is that on my systems running Win 2k i cannot insert more that 80 tracks into a song without generating fatal errors, and the lack of full MIDI control surface (transport controls) implementation is a pain -

having been with N for a few years now, and using it for about 12 hours a day, i have been able to give it a hammering (as they say), have to give Flavio credit for his programming for accuracy, when say using high quality test signals N is absolutely on the button for both for recording and playback, if the test recording says -1db, N shows -1db -

i dont know why peole hesitate to buy N or to upgrade to V5, (a lot of these people would quite happily run out and blow £400 on Cuebase because they think its better or more mainstream), there seems to a mystique about steinberg etc that is unfounded, i have DAW software by Magix and cakewalk (had Ableton live and fruity loops at one time but permanently uninstalled them) and OK they do the odd thing that N doesnt but in the sub £400-£600 price bracket only Magix seems able to fit the bill for speed, and then if you can afford that type of software then why stop there, save up a bit more and buy something decent like Seqia, untill then for me its N -

Dr J

I agree with everything you’re saying. As I now start to ease out of the business and concentrate on my own music now, I will be seriously looking to buy N and replace my Cubase.

I’m easing back into N and finding it simpler than I thought I would.