stereo help

wont play back in stereo

Hey people I cant seem to make recordings in stereo using n-track. I use a MAYA1010 interface. I feel like an idot. Im sure its something simple. when I mix down it shows a stereo wave but nothing is paned the way i panned it. Can anyone help?

Make sure when mixing down song, to open more options in pop up box, make sure the Stereo/Mono is set to Stereo.
Do you have stereo playback before mixing down a song?
If not, open the master mixer, make sure the green/red circles that intersect beside the master volume knob haven’t been clicked. Faint green/red means stereo, Red circle with slash means mono (both channels). Bright green with dull red means left side playback only, dull green with bright red is right side playback only.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. Turns out I am an idiot. I did not have the maya 1010 set to stereo on the play back side. All is good now