stereo preamp problem

zzzz noise

got this problem… recording 2 mono tracks set on N, i’ve got a stereo preamp to run both chanels and record. when i hit playback theres a noise! a zzzzz sound. when i use my mono preamp the noise does not appear. so i tried a diff. stereo preamp, & the same problem apears i even tried a mixer & same problem. i checked my sgnal chain even changed input cables but still d’same. could it be that my soundcard is the problem? i ended up now just using the mono preamp. please help…


Alot of times zzz buzzing comes from electrical interference. Check lighting problems and such, an ac line conditioner can correct alot of buzzing problems. Also making sure cables are shielded can help too.


tried it to. even used shielded cables. this thing happens only on stereo mode & preamps my mono preamp works just fine.