Stereo Recording Help

need help, please

hi, im trying to record drums in stereo, in n-track, by recording to mono chanels, so that i can separate the kick drum from everything else… im using a “y” adapter so snare, toms, hats and cymbals are on (for example the left chanel) and the kick drum on the other one… but, i keep recording only one chanel with everything mixed together, i don;t know if im doing this the right way, do i need to i dont know, maybe have one input on the line in and the other on the microfone or something… can someone help me with this… ?

my soundcard is an audigy 2 sz (no front panel)


Hi !

What’s between the microphones and the y adapter ?

(Stupid question alert ! It is a stereo adapter yes ?)


yes, it is stereo, one side is a mixer (the snare and all that) and the other is just a mic with a compresor and eq (kick drum) both cables go to one “y” adapter to the line in of the pc… and yes… the mixer is on mono, so there no way is sending the singnal to the other side… any ideas??

I found on my notebook the other day that the line input only records one of the two channels.

You are using the line input, so that’s not really of any help from my side…

Stereo splitter adapter should give you two seperate channels.

Another stupid question alert: You are setting n to record stereo to two channels ?

If you are then you need to check if there is somewhere in the SB mixer an option to record to mono. I don’t think its that, but its the only other straw I can grasp at…


well, yeah, everything is set to stereo… if the line in only records one chanel… then how can i record in stereo… damm… thanks anyway… any ideas would be greatly appreciated…

We’re not sure whether you’re having problems controlling N or feeding the signals, because we’re not getting a clear enough decription of your results.

First, make sure to click the little hammer below the recording meters and set the inputs the way you want them: stereo to two mono tracks. Then make sure that you have both channels enabled for recording.

But since you say you’re getting a mixed signal, it really sounds like your splitter isn’t stereo: are you sure the connector you’re plugging into the line input has three conductors (tip, ring, and sleeve)?

Yeah, it sounds like a mono plug is going into the stereo line-in jack. I agree with Jeff.

On the timeline do you see one mono track or one stereo track? If it is one stereo track (two timelines in one track) can you hear a difference if you pan to one side?

Also be aware that you will probably have enough “bleed” between mics that you will have some of all the drums in each track but the kick should be predominent in one of them.

I would also make sure that your Y-adapter is not a stereo adapter but a 2-mono to one stereo adapter.