Stereo Tracks

Hmmmm…Finally got my 496 Card up and running…good recording signal thru my preamp. But I’m have a time trying to get nTrack to accept stereo recording. The program closes with an error when I tag the stereo button in “Select Audio Format” box…

Any ideas/


Did you download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website? If not, try that first. The drivers that are on the disk that came in the box can be very out-of-date. It’s worthwhile installing the disk, because a soundcard often comes with other software that’s worth having. But always go to the website and install the latest drivers.

Tip: Save all the stuff you install in a handy place (like a memory key or second hard drive) in case you have to reinstall your system.

Thanks Jeff…yeah I think I have the latest…but I did have a tough time config’ing the card. I’ll check with mAudio…

Peace man.

Also try re-installing n-Track.