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Magic Rabbit & Others

It’s too bad no-one ever made sticky notes or an edited forum for N-Track, midi & VSTi in N-Track, and general recording tips and tricks. I know, who has time to administer that?

I am here this morning looking for some of Magic Rabbits
and others replies about VSTi & Midi. Finally gonna dive in and see what I can do. While searching I realized there is a ton of great info here, too bad on-one has edited, cataloged, and made sticky notes.

I also noticed that many of us never bother to tell how we get “our sound”, what hard & software we use in conjunction with N-Track or for that particuar song. Me included. We share our songs but we never tell how to, what or why. I’m not talking about the writting of the song, phhhew a whole other forum, but recording technique.

I dont know if any new users or beginners really hang here and would read this stuff, but I know I am interested.



Maybe a new catagory - "Tips and Tricks"
I liked that reverse reverb thing. There was also a cool post about some manipulation to spread a track out spatially hard left and right. You’re right, there are a lot of neat tricks scattered amongst the posts.

Sounds like a job for D.

i do spill once in a while. however, my operation is so lo-tech, grassroots and amateur it doesn’t do folks much good. it just takes most people back in time.

Thanks Poppa. I hope everyone who has time will contribute. I know I can still learn a thing or 2…or 3… or 4 to learn!

ASK THe MAN to add in another section to the forum - one of the admistrators could (when they have time)then search through the archive and pick out the best to post in there, or do a search by name and put all that members posts in one packet of info -



Thanks!! I hope this might be a help to some of us. Poppa you have already posted some great links!!

Now…can we get some of the recording phenoms that hang around here to give up on some of thier secrets?