Still A Rank Amateur

Recording Problems!

I have had N-Track for several years, but have only used it off and on. All of my instruments are acoustic, autoharp, hammer dulcimer, guitar and I use contact mics to record. Most of my recordings have been instruments, but recently I have been adding voice.
Like I say, I am a rank amateur and I am doing this just for fun. But things don’t seem to be coming out right. It seems like singing is coming out too slow. Even my wife says that the recordings sound slower than what the real time playing. I am sure not discounting that I just sound horrible :), but is there something that I might be doing wrong?

Try recording a metronome as a click track. Lay down a few tracks, including voice, using the click as a timing guide. Now play them back and at the same time play the metronome at the original setting to see if your tracks are at the same bpm.

If playback is actually slower than the metronome then it’s possible that you are recording at one sampling rate, say 48khz, and playing back at a lower sampling rate, say 44.1khz. Check your sound card settings and the preference settings in n-Track to make sure you are recording and playing at the same sampling rate.

Thanks for the advice. I had a problem hearing the metronome as mine only comes thru the PC speaker. Everytime I started playing I would drown it out! I did manage to get enough down to determine that was not the problem. But in my investigation, I discovered someting else that helped. Somehow, the volume slider on my line in on my soundcard was turned way down, maybe one click from off. I bumped it up about halfway and that improved things considerably. Where do you people keep it? It’s interesting that it gave the impression that I was singing slower. Now…singing better that’s another matter :p

Once you are through setting the slider on your soundcard’s mixer, I usually close that window so all I am looking at is NTrack. I rarely have to re-adjust the soundcard’s level. Once I get a decent level for recording tracks, I control those levels from within NTrack using the Ntrack mixer faders.


How about headphones for monitoring when you are doing overdubs? Probably a buck at your local thrift whop or dollar store.