still freezing up

my n-track freezes up when opening!i had a post last week,tried renaming config file-went to 4.1-nothing…now Flavio mentioned opening it pressing ctrl-it opens but freezes when i open rec VU or close seems to be something about the sound card drivers(fresh)opening(or not).So i dl’d several recording progs or demos-none worked!froze up when opening sound card!..anyone know the solution?New sound card?i updated my drivers,but no go(SBPCI128)The device manager says the card is working,but i can’t record or set it up in any app…?
Thanks,All :(

sounds like the PC is having IRQ or memory address conflicts. The device manager may let you change some of the settings for those.

Also, you can try pulling the soundcard and putting it into a different PCI slot. That may get the computer to re-set it’s settings for the card.

Now that I think about it, remove the software part of the card from device manager, then shut down and remove the sound card. Then power the machine back up, so it is alive without the SC installed. Check in device manager so there’s nothing left behind (drivers) then power back down. Put the card into a different pci slot, and bring the PC back up. Install the drivers and see if there’s still a problem.

If it still not worky, then I’d think to get a new soundcard.

i wondered about the IRQ,i’ll try these tips this evening-i spent today looking at other sc’s…