Still having problems

I know, everybodies like “geesh, won’t the newbie ever shut up?”. Sorry, I just can’t help it, lol.
Well, got my new machine, lots of speed, lots of memory, dedicated hd used just for recording.
The good news is I can get ntrack to load and record, a step up from my old PII that would just barely bring the program up. The bad news is, theres such a delay on the input that I can’t even play along with a simple prerecorded drum track. I guess it’s called latency? I’ve spent the last few hours tweaking with buffering settings and looking thru the faq and I"m now quite ready to send the whole thing into orbit. Here’s what I"ve got, if anybody’s got any helpful suggestions I’d appreciate it.

P4 3.0 ghz, 1 gig of ram, 80 gig sata hd, realtek hd audio. I"m trying to use a tascam us-224 as my interface. Mr Wizard, please help me!!!

frustrated in CA,


Are you trying to use Live mode for monitoring? You shouldn’t have to if you get your soundcard (or mixer) setup right. Then the latency goes away.

If you are trying to record with Vsti’s though, you will need Live mode, and you’ll need a low latency driver (ASIO or WDM) and play with the buffering to get that fine balance between delay and pops-and-clicks



Hi gunner:
That’s a nice “Post”… We all go through these inital DAW rejections/withdrawals… and all…

If you can get through these first days-and-weeks without takeing a hammer to your machine and set-up, then, the worst is behind you…

If ya got guys like MarkA and phoo in your camp, then You’ll navigate through all this… and… you’ll be on your way to creating some good quality tracks… There’s a lot of other guys up here that can keep you between the “Straight-and-Narrow”, as well…

Ya gotta have lots of patients… it ain’t gonna come, over night… The “Trick” is… Try not to let your DAW Set-Up, come between you and your creativity… Cause… if that happens, after a while you’ll just let your DAW sit in the corner and you’ll find another way to approach your music…


Hey guys, thanks for the replies so far. Definately a good point about losing the creative urge. The reason I’ve been so wound up is I’ve got a song in my head and I don’t want fade away.
The good news is…I think I’ve made some progress. I was having a #### of a time getting the tascam us-224 to a usable point. The tip about “not using live input” worked wonders. I don’t know if it’s the proper method, but I took the headphone out from the 224 and put into my audio system input. Viola!
Got get busy figuring everything esle out an getting some tunes down to tape (sorry, a hold over from my old 4 track days).
thanks again for all the help so far!