Still trying to find the righ mixdown

Its drunkard fun… but still fun

3chordsdowned … yeah… we are still trying to find the right mix down … err… yeah… but I recommend Illinios really loud… just dont try to sync it with Wizard of Oz…

Can’t really get into it… Sounds a little like the Shaggs to me… My early work was the same way. Keep learning, playing and working.

Here’s what I don’t like about it, but ironically it’s the same thing I like about it. I hate the guitar. But even though I hate the guitar it has a kinda coolness to it. It’s f’ed up but it’s perfectly f’ed up, almost sounds deliberate, and gives it a raw mood almost a draggy flanged feel.

The vocals match this well but don’t get me wrong the vocals are good. To me the thing that is misplaced in this tune is the bass. Flange the #### out off the bass, growly flanged bass with lotts of slides from note to note.

Some overly done reverbed backing vocals would be cool. Not long winded vocals more like screams of just one word in the background at strategic places. At the end of each verse maybe repeat the last word type of thing but scream it phased in and out of pitch.

I’d go in that direction, then when it’s making sense I might scew aroubd with the lead vocal by adding some effects envelopes here and there.