Still using ntrack 5 and Win XP

Have tried other DAW's

I bought a new interface so I thought I would use my Win 10 laptop. I thought I would try Protools light version but couldn't get my interface to talk to it.
I then tried Reaper which worked easily but spent so much time looking at videos how to do various things I decided to go back to ntrack and XP as it is so simple to do all the basics with. I have just started using MT power drums which are great and easy to drag and drop loops into ntrack. I also connect up my iPad to my mixer then into ntrack so I can use all the garage band instruments as well.
Long live

Yes, sometimes I miss the simplicity of earlier versions of n-Track. It might be nice to have a Simple version like ver 5 adjusted so that it would run on Windows 10. I haven’t Tried that, but I might. Only think is I seem to recall a lot of crashes with 5. Are you having any problems?

N-Track 5 was a great version, ah yes! I used it on XP as well. I've now got version 9 and it's great too. I think the new features are big improvements, it's nice to have pitch correction and guitar&bass amp built in. Still does everything I need it to do, and I can do it on my iPad as well. One of the most awesome features of N-Track is being able to send loaded projects from PC to IOS to Mac to Android.

Yes I like simple. It is very stable and rarely ever crashes. It's very easy to adjust tracks with the mouse and icons and drop down menus. I like the fact you can press record and away it records without having to add a track and arm it for recording etc. I use a Line 6 interface and gearbox which is always reliable as well and get great sounds from it.