Strange behavior when double-clicking a node

When I double-click a node in a volume envelope, instead of opening a box for editing the value, the screen zooms way in. This behavior starts unpredictably; double-clicking works normally, then seems to get corupted, and for the song I’m working on, never returns to normal. The song was originally created in a previous version. I want to fix some things in it, but this keeps happening over and over, making it impossible. Is there some setting I could change that would prevent this from happening?

Additional information: I tried opening the file with n-Track 8. The same problem occurred. Perhaps the file gets corupted?

Your mouse sensitivity might be too high? Resting your hand on the keyboard.? Bad USB connection to mouse or keyboard? I’ve never run across this issue before so I can’t say for sure. If I had to muster a guess, some kind of hardware issue of some kind. Really could be anything…software too.


Only happens with this one file.

Well I would have to say. Try exporting with no attributes and then start a new project, import the file, save the project, then export the file with attributes and re-import into your project. That’s all I can think of. Good Luck.


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