Strange copy-paste behaviour with bpm change

I make a litte midi part. Then I copy it somewhere else in the timeline. Then I change bpm. The pasted parts are out of sync … I can’t understand where I’m wrong.

Any suggestion?

TIA, Sandro.

Hi Sandro,

we’ve fixed the bug you reported in the current Beta version that you can download going to, marking the checkbox “v9.1.1 Beta (Pre-release)”.

Please let me know,

Andrea, the issue is not solved …
This is the timeline at 100 bpm

and this one at 101 bpm

TIA, Sandro

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I’m not sure I understand the images you’ve attached.
I made this test on both the stable version (build 3636) and the Beta version (build 3644):

  • create a MIDI part with some MIDI events snapped to the grid;
  • copy the part somewhere in the timeline and snap it to the grid so that the MIDI events are synched to the grid;
  • change the bpm of the song.

In the stable version the MIDI events of the copied part (and even those of the original part) get out of sync. In the Beta version the events remain snapped to the grid.

Am I missing something?

Andrea … may I send you the sng file?

Thank you!

Sure. Please send it to