Strange delay in transport & menus

…- is it a bug or a settings issue?!

I have been noticing a peculiar behaviour in the last couple of builds of n-Track 4.x.

Whenever I start, stop, rtz, or pull down a menu, there is a delay in n-Track responding of about two whole seconds. If I stop a recording in progress, it records about two full seconds before it terminates, regardless of whether I stop by a mouse click on the stop button or i press the space bar. This is pretty annoying to me, as I am sometimes unsure if I actually got the recording stopped.

Also I notice some (erratic?) behaviour when I try to select an effect from the effects palette in the mixer window. Sometimes, the mixer window closes on me again before I select anything, sometimes it selects whatever effect the mouse pointer happens to be hovering over at the moment. However, I have no idea if these two issues are related or not.

I use n-Track 4.2, build 2090 (I think) - I try to stay clear of the beta releases. I use an EMU 1820 soundcard running ASIO drivers, and have used ASIO latency settings of 5, 8 and 10 ms without problems or chopups in the sound. In order to address an issue with the SIR impulse reverb VST, I have set the plugin compensation to 8960 samples as recommended by the plugin provider. However, I have had this set to 0 as well without any change in behaviour. I have the program priority set to normal, as any higher setting has resulted in crashes earlier.

Have anybody else had similar problems and found a solution? Or maybe there is a bug after all…? ???

I certainly enjoy recording my music in n-Track, and I’d like your opinions on this.

regards, Nils


I’m not sure it’s the same thing, but I’ve been experiencing sluggish behaviour when the new waveform display options were introduced.
Switching all that off helped.

Re: the erratic behaviour of the effects selection: That has been like that for as long as I can remember. I’ve learned to live with it.

Not sure it is related, but I have experienced some strange delays. I use Ntrack on my laptop with a Lexicon Omega. I brought this to my band rehersal the other night to record a few songs. I created seperate folders for each song and created a template for each song (A sng file without any waves) ahead of time so I could move quickly with as little disruption to the rehersal as possible.

After recording a song, I would save it and click OPEN from the menu and select another of the song templates I had created without closing the first song. I assume Ntrack cleans up behind itself. After one or two songs, the laptop (2.8Gig w 1gig ram) began responding very slowly. There was not any hard disk activity to speak of so that did not appear to be the issue. Also started getting lags or drop outs in playing and/or recording at this point.

I found if I exitted the application after saving each song, and restarted it before starting the next, things went fine and all worked well. I also believe if I simply closed the saved song before moving on and starting the next, this seemed to work better, but I need to test this further.

Any help would be great!