Strange Noise After Mixdown

Need help resloving an issue

After recording all my tracks I play them back and everything sounds fine. Then I do my mix down. Somehow I get a strange sound intermittently in the left channel only on the mixed down version. It sounds like a three note keyboard or midi sound but I haven’t recorded anything like it. The sound happens on everything I mixdown. Any suggestions on where to look or how to fix the problem?

Have you registered the software? That sounds like what the unregistered version does to incent you to register - it’s the one crippled feature in the demo.

What version of nTrack are you using (including build#) and which audio driver (asio, wdm, etc.)? The crippleware sound can also happen with misconfigured ASIO. Flavio cleared me up on all this. But yeah, please check if it’s registered to you first.