Strange recording problem with new build

other things working well

This (1Mb+/-) was just recorded with n after a day spent working with the new build doing mixing and importing drum files created with Leaf. Had no problems, until I tried to record. Setup is mic through mixer through Delta44, 48KHz, 16bit. Things recorded at 44KHz were played back in doubletime at first, so I reset everything I could think of to defaults before recording the short file above, which has only had a 6db volume increase (Cool2K) so you can hear it; subtract 6db to get the original audio level, even though it was peaking at about -3db in the n-track meters while being recorded.

Audio tracks recorded a couple days ago with (I think) 1781 or 83 were fine. Tracks recorded with Cool2K were fine.

Any ideas?

'til later (early morn, up all night n-tracking until I tried to record…)
Tony W

Hmmm…seems like it could be a buffer thing; I see a pattern of very small dropouts about every 512 samples. I’m guessing you’re using ASIO–does increasing the “DMA buffer size” in the Delta Control Panel help?

(The “other”) Tony :D

I do not use the ASIO drivers, which have never worked properly for me no matter what buffer setting I tried, and there are no WDM drivers to choose in ‘preferances’. So, I am using the MME drivers, and have never had a problem before last night.

BTW, I am using 98SE, Athlon1700, ASrock motherboard, 256MB RAM, GEforce400 vid card, Delta44 sound card. Buffers in n are set very high.

'til later;
Tony W

oops!!! Please disregard - a fresh check after a good night’s sleep showed that I had forgotten - I set my record buffers to 0 while doing a mixing project last week, in an attempt to clear extra resources for working with multi-multiple tracks and plugins. Reset them to medium high, and everthing is back to normal.

IOW ‘other’ Tony, you are right, it was buffers all along… :p This clearly shows why inspiration at 3 in the morning can over-ride reason! :laugh:

'til next time;
Tony W