Strange Sound At Mixdown

Hey there, ive been gettin a problem when i mix my song down. When theres only a few tracks at a part the noise is very noticeable, its like a shaking sound and only comes out of the right channel. ive uploaded a clip of it to the web:
You have to listen very closely as it isnt very obvious and i wont be suprised if you think im hearing things. Its definately there, and only after the song has been mixed down. its not just with this song either, i seem to notice it all the time!
Any ideas will be great, thanks!

It sounds like flutter/modulation than can be added when a hard limiter has too short of a release time, or pumping when there are subharmonics hitting a limiter. I assume it’s there in the mixed wave and not just the MP3.

If you don’t hear it when playing the song try NOT doing offline mixdown to see if it goes away. I have definitely noticed differences very occasionally in the mix as played and as offline mixed, though I don’t have any examples to post, and haven’t noticed in a long time. That’s more to do with not having anything to compare to too than anything else. The main difference I was hearing is was indeed modulation that manifested itself into chirps that happened only when all the tracks were playing. Removing any one track would cause it to go away. I never did figure out what was causing it, but through random trial an error I was able to avoid it.

That said, Teryeah (when we do far tones stuff) has been able to hear artifacts that we’ve pretty much narrowed down to the built-in FASoft compressors. I can’t hear it usually but he’ll hear it right off the bat if I use that plug-in on almost anything. He’s got a lot better ears than I do (a very good thing by the way). Mine are fried from years of abuse.