Strat resurrection

Not a “mad scientist” guitar anymore…

Just a week ago, I happened to drop into a music store in search for fresh strings and spotted a cheap alder strat body by Dr. Parts. Looked and felt good with its matt satin lacquer, sounded good when tapped. So I took it home for 50 euros.

Maybe you have seen pics of my “mad scientist Strat”, a Squier with lots and lots of modifications. Now, with the new body, I decided to take a few steps back. Out went the Shadow hex pickup, out went the Hipshot Trilogy tunging-change bridge (a very wonderful thing to have, but I’m far too lazy to do all the finetuning and adjusting the Trilogy needs). Out went the spray can painted, partially hollowed mahogany lamitate body.

So, finally my “new” Strat is complete… so far. Looks a sort of seventy-ish with the natural wood body. Plays great. Sounds brighter and better than before.

Pictures here… scroll down for some “before” pics…

(And yes - I have a Hipshot Trilogy TMB-3 bridge for sale. Good condition, fits Strat-style guitars. If you like alternate tunings a lot and don’t mind doing all the adjustements and fine-tunings every time you change the strings, it might be for you.)

That does look nice indeed. (But then I’ve also been more partial to natural finishes)

As impressive as the previous setup looked for a proppelerhead this looks a little more sleek.

Very nice.


Thanks, Wihan.

Of course, there’s the philosophical question: Is this still the guitar I bought in late eighties, as only original parts left are the neck, tuners, trem bridge system and the output jack frame? ???

Regardless it’s looks like you did a really nice job with it. I have an 80’s squire thats really beat but still manages to play…

I’ve heard the story once of an old farmer that kept on bragging about his hammer that’s 60 years old and still as good as new.

“Really ?” the city boy asks, "60 years ? WoW"

The oldtimers answers: “Yeah, same ol’ hammer. Had to replace the head on a couple of occasions, and the handle on a couple of others, but it’s still going strong”


Wihan - :D :D

Looks great Mwah. I have a MIM Fender Strat that I’ve modded some. Original neck though. I think that’s why I keep going back to that guitar. It just feels “right”… knowhattamean? :)


Nice job.

(Wish I could find a strat body for 50 Euros!)


Hi All:
That’s the resolve dedication and disipline of a True Musician/Guitar Player, to apply all that energy to a piece of wood… That’s a nice Job and Project ya got there…

Mark… If you asked nicely, you could go around the neighbourhoods and get a Head-Board/Bed from somebody’s attic and with enough carving and wittleing… well, you could have yourself a Strat Body for less than 50 euros… :O ??? ??? Mabey, you already know someone that has one… A HeadBoard… that is… Post your needs down at the grocery shop… on the “Want” Board… Ya never know what ya might get…



Mark… If you asked nicely, you could go around the neighbourhoods and get a Head-Board/Bed from somebody’s attic and with enough carving and wittleing… well, you could have yourself a Strat Body for less than 50 euros

Hey Bill - I have about zero skill level when it comes to artistic creation from physical materials. Saying that, I did help a friend put up a fence at my place today and he let me loose with his nail gun… Power!

Hi Mark:
hehe… The story I am eluding to, really happend around here… It was the front man in the first group I got connected, to… We’ll never forget… But, the long-and-short of it was, the Head-Board was his Mother’s Head-Board… from the bed he was MAde, In… Well, who knows, for sure?

We were into Venture’s Covers… What a Quartette… they were…

The other guitar player “Copp’ed” every mistake that was on the records… He went on to owning-and-operating … and still runs the biggest Music Store on the Canadian East Coast… I worked for him till I couldn’t do-it, no more…

This guy is a multi-millionare, today… so is the guy who made a guitar body from his Mother’s Head-Board… We don’t know how happy they are, though…


One day I’ll pluck up courage to make a guitar (I’ve built a few from parts - that’s relatively easy), but not from a headboard… fireplace methinks… or a railway sleeper from an old english cottage… or

I wish I had a picture of my first ever guitar. My dad made it for me for Christmas when I was 10, back in 1962. I’d been listening to Cliff and the Shadows and The Beatles and I yearned for a guitar. We weren’t rich. My dear old dad, who played a mean swing piano but knew zilch about making instruments, got a Hofner catalogue from a music shop. All those archtops were too hard to contemplate building in a garden shed but there was one he thought he could manage - a “Hawaian”. He used a flooring plank, made a fretboard from some kind of hard plastic insulation material (he worked for a firm that made large power transformers), cut a length of chrome tube for the slide, buried a little dynamic mike under the strings and voila! My first guitar. I wish he hadn’t painted it pink, though. It lasted until my next birthday in May 63. By then I could play several tunes on it and had discovered that I could sing into the mike at the same time as playing. My parents were sufficiently impressed with my dedication that they got me a real guitar, a cheap steel-strung “folk” thing with terrible action. But I persevered through the bleeding fingers stage. I sort of miss the passionate energy with which I learned songs back then.

Here is my “Franken-Strat”…

The pickups are Carvin… C22B Humbucker at the bridge, AP11 single coils in the middle and neck. Also there is a mini-toggle to split the bucker. Easy upgrade as you can order the pickups and pickgaurd pre-assembled. Just drop 'em in.

My overall favorite guitar. I have the bridge adjusted so it sits flush on the body but will allow diving down but only very slightly up. Stays in tune great. Sounds great and the neck/action is just about perfect. Maybe some locking Schaller tuners in the future is about all I want to do to complete this thing. Locking tuners make string changes a breeze, not to mention additional tuning stability.


Since we’re on the subject:

It looks normal, but those are two Ibanez HB’s (got it off a friend’s Iceman when he upgraded).

The middle ‘tone’ is a 4 way switch and the blade is 3 way (LP style). The 4 way rotary switches HB-HB HB-SC SC-HB and SC-SC.