Stretching a Song?

Without detuning…

Hi all! Wondered whether anyone can help here, or tell me if what I want to do is even possible? Having just recorded my latest masterpiece, (ha!), on listening back, I’m pleased with it, however, I feel it is a touch too fast. What I want to know is, is there any way (within nTrack or a (preferably free) 3rd party app) that I can “stretch” the finished wav file, without having it detune? Hope someone can either help! Thanks, Daz

You need an audio editor like Adobe Audition. Fortunately there is still a free version of Audition’s predecessor Cool Edit '96 available on the net - more info here.

This version limits you to only two commands per session but that shouldn’t be a problem. What you want is the “Stretch” command.

Nice one, thanks a lot!!