stringing tracks together end to end?

editing a live recording.

Hello all!

I have recorded my band on my Yamaha AW16G HD recorder. I have now transfered the tracks to my PC for mixing and editing in n-track. I now wish to put the tracks back together to produce a live album but seem to be having a problem making this happen. Could anyone tell me what to do please?
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The simplest way to do what you want is:

download the songs seperate tracks to your pc

Remix in N-Tracks, making sure to NOT fade out or in at the beginning and end of each song. (If you didn’t record every song, you WILL have to fade-in and out between songs)

Mix down songs to stereo wav files.

Using a CD burning software, like CD architect, or something, reassemble the songs in the correct sequence and burn to a CD

If you transfer the sng file (if you have not dealt with this before: computer files have a . and then 3 characters called extensions to tell the computer what typr of file they are - you can set up Windows to display the extensions in Windows Explorer)
Put the sng file in the same directory as the wav files and the other computer should open them in N_track just like they did on the other compute.
If you want to create a new sng file (that is the file that save all the non-destructive settings you make to a the tracks in N-Track,
Then use File > Import to open the wave files or add new files etc.
there may be other ways to save that I have not tried - there is a whole list under File > Save As. I think the EDL format, and SNW puts everything into one file, song and wav files.