Stuck on 3.3

I currently use N version 3.3 I know many of you folks feel that I am behind the times. But am I missing THAT much by not upgrading to 6 ?
I have a friend that has version 6 and maybe it’s because I’ve worked with 3.3 for so long but I see version 6 as complicated and not user friendly.
Version 3.3 can do everything I want it to at this point.

(Version 3.3 :agree:? or :disagree:? )

I would go for whatever works Pianoman! If you’re still happy with 3.3, then remain HAPPY! :laugh:

Ditto what Yazzer said…

My needs grew and I had to move on… I miss the ol’ 3.3 days though…



Wait for 6.6 - should be twice as good.

Hi, Hope this makes you feel better, I’m stuck on 2.0 as it just works so well and I prefer the graphical look of it to the later versions.

Thanks for the input guys…

It is nice to hear from fellow n-trackers their viewpoints.

I have nothing against Version 6, I just don’t feel it is for me at this time.
Perhaps I will see a need to upgrade in time. But until then, I’m happy where I’m at.

Unless of course, ungrading to Version 6 will get me to Carnigie Hall… :) :) :)

I’ve never seen V-2, is it close to 3.3 ? I don’t think Flavio has put out any bad ones…

Maybe I should hold off until 13.2 and multiply my performance outcome by a factor of 4. By that time, I won’t have teeth to interfere with my singing… :whistle:

You guys are positive folks…


There is no such thing as being stuck in a version! Constant use of a version leads to comfort, comfort to proficiency, & proficiency to experimentation.


I agree with Duff…

Sadly in my case, due to hardware issues, I had to start “moving up” from 3.3. It all started down the crapper after that. shrug V4 pre-.NET wasn’t too bad but afterward… yech.

Run what works for you… that’s all and there ain’t no mo’…


Quote: (pianoman @ Apr. 07 2009, 6:37 AM)

By that time, I won't have teeth to interfere with my singing... :whistle:


Gotta do this, sorry

"Play us a song you're the pianoman
Play us a song so sweet
We're all in the mood for a melody
And you're singing with no teeth!"

Couldn't resist! :D

LOL Yaz…

Billy would be impressed…

i’m still in “simple” mode using ver 6.x.

i upgraded to a VISTA PC and had to make the change - but nTrack 6.x does not have to be complicated - i still don’t use any features with 6.x above and beyond what i used with 3.3.