Studio 7 - hide volume evolution after use ?

Hiding the volume evolution after use

I’m still using Studio 7 (build 3278). I need to know how to hide the volume evolution drawing after I have made my edits. I expected that just unchecking the Draw Volume icon should do it but it doesn’t. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

I don’t use 7 anymore, so I can’t check. If there is no change listed under main menu View. in vestigate what a right click on an open space in the Transport section does, However, I think theTransportation tool bar is a dock able item (right click on the top color line)
once you have it free of the other menu bars you can move it around or shrink it to a smaller partial display. Give it a try, that’s all I can suggest.

Thank you, bax3. I gave it a try, but still had no luck with it.

If this is important to you, consider upgrading to version 8. Besides many other features, there is now a button on the tool bar to lock or unlock(dock or undock the tool bar. The volume envelope switch is a separate icon along with several other icons that used to be hidden in submenues or scattered around the screen.

Just had a look on 7.2.1/3245 and it’s working fine. Do you have two buttons - a larger square function button to the left and a slim selection one to the right?

Thank you both (bax3 and TonyR). I found that all I needed to do was click on the arrow that says, “Enable mouse selection of parts of tracks.” I appreciate your responses.