Studio Monitors Revisited

Picked up a pair of Behringer Truth B2030A powered studio monitors a couple of months ago. Absolutely love them. Can’t believe how much clearer and defined everything sounds from the stuff I record to pre-recorded CD’s. Nothing gets buried in the mix, including my mistakes! I should’ve bought a pair a long time ago.

So, you are a Behringer dealer/distributor/factory rep I take it?

Not at all, I’m a farmer. The town I live closest to has two audio shops. One sells mostly guitars/amps/drums while the other caters more to bands looking for sound and light gear. Behringer is one of the brands they carry. I was wanting M-Audio monitors after reading some of the reviews they were getting here and from other sites but the store didn’t have the ones I wanted in stock. The Behringers were available, on sale and sounded good in the shop so I went with them instead.

What were you using before?