Studio recording mic's

What are you all using…

I am looking to upgrade my Rode NT-1000 (it way over accentuates siblence) and I don’t particularly like how it records acoustic instruments.

What are you all using that you like?

Thanks in advance.

Rode NTK. Tubes make all the diff on voice, if you ask me. Tho’ lately it’s just been a 57, b/c of the need for speed.

Hey, Mike, I know you’ve tried this, but just to check, you are singing in a way that reduces the s sounds?

How does the NTK work on acoustic instruments? No - I sing with a LOT of siblence and the problem is that the NT-1000 accentuates it.

I used to sing with lots of sibilance, and learned some techniques to control it. that helped a lot. As to the NTK - personally I think it sound fabulous on acoustic instruments, but I like a rather older sound. It does need the right preamp - it doesn’t sound quite right through a tube preamp - too many tubes I guess?

I thought that the 1000 emphasized sibilance too, when I tested one.

so, you’ve tried standing back from the mic, off axis, and learning how to hit the s sounds lightly?

No because if I did all those things it would most likely “color” the sound in a way I don’t want. As for the siblence, a number of knowledgable people have said to get the EV RE-20.

Hi Mr Soul:

An RE-20 may be just what you’re looking for…
However, don’t lay out the money till you can try one…
These things ain’t cheep…
An alternative…
any large diaphragm dynamic mic…
57’s and 58’s are just on the edge in diaphragm size…
Old EV-664’s and 666’s were great…
If you could find an old 664
it would serve you well…

I’ve heard of this…
Now don’t laugh…

They used to pull safe’s down over the screen grills of mics to tame the sss’ss…

Enough said…


I’m using my imagination at the moment :disagree: my mic’s all smashed up :heart-break: anything is an upgrade from that!

hope you find the right upgrade…after singing in the proper studio and using a few different mic’s I was totally shocked at the difference between mic’s and realised that finding the right one to pick up on the best bits of a vocal is really challenging!

Thanks for the replies so far. So what does everyone else use for studio mic(s)?

Who can resist that question?!

Primary vocal mics - MXL V57M (the first one they sold in the US); Shure SM58; ElectroVoice ND757A (my desert island mic - some instruments and singers sound better through it than others, but nothing sounds bad); Peavey PVM880 (another very good all-around mic).

Primary instrument mics - Sony C-535P (which recently did very well in a shootout in TapeOp magazine); Shure SM57; a matched set of K-Micros from Karma; and a Behringer ECM8000 omni, which gives a wonderfully natural sound on acoustic guitars. In fact, I like to set this one up in the middle of the room when recording singer/songwriters or small combos, and record everything played to a reference track I can use when I am trying to balance a mix for a natural, live sound.

Utility mics include a BeyerDynamics stereo that is great for a drum overhead, and a few cheapo dynamics for emergencies (or clumsy performers{GRIN}).


'til next time;
tony w


Ain't that funny..

After all who replied to your thread..
No one has come clean and replied to your question..


The mic I use is still A Work In Progress..
I've been working on this mic for 13 years now.. The CEO Mk 1, is what I call it..
The only part of the mic that don't work right is the Power Supply..
Without a decent supply I am unable to achieve a decent noise floor, with the Mic's performance..
The dynamic range is what suffers..

I'm going back to using soup cans and cod twines..


Sorry wynot..
You beat me to it..

Well, who wouldn’t want an RE 20? If you are looking used to save a bit, there is the PL20, which is the RE 20 marketed differently, a number of years ago. If you are looking at LD dynamics, don’t forget the SM7 or the Senn 421 (the one I settled on) - the latter has variable low freq rolloff, and is obviously a great mic for drums and electric guitar. dunno about acoustic - never tried it for that. But the RE20 has the EV cool variable D thing that really helps make things sound natural, if you ask me.


Well, who wouldn't want an RE 20?

They seem to be in the price range I was looking at but the bigger question for me is, is the RE 20 going to work well for acoustic instruments? Also, is it going to give you that same "clear" sound that you get from a large diaphram condensor. The NT-1000 actually is OK in it's overall sound quality, aside from boosting siblence and not working well on my acoustic.

Is there anything EV makes that does not sound great? I forgot to list my (EV made)Cobalt CO4, which is sold as an SM57 beater - and is, IMNSHO, both price-wise and sound-wise. $70 Brand-new at most stores… I have used it as drum overhead, on a snare, and even as a vocal mic, and gotten great results both for recording and live sound. I use EV speakers in my guitar cab, and in my location monitor wedge. The next microphone I buy will likely be another LDC, from either EV or Karma.

Did I mention that the Karma K-micros are the best deal on the market right now? I recently recorded a singer/songwriter using one for the guitar and the other for his vocal, and was amazed at the result: smooth and natural and warm, using the DIGI001 preamps. For $26US and shipping (last I checked)(custom clips included), you just can’t beat them… /salesman mode :)

'til later;

The K-Micros are a STEAL. I got mine for 10 bucks a pair when they first started shipping. That made a bargain an even better bargain. Awesome little mic’s…


Weelllll…about the RE 20 on acoustics…it all depends of course…but if you can, try something like the NT - that is a LD tube mic - or a SD tube mic - along side the RE 20.
I really really think that the LD dynamics are really good on amps and voices and drums, but not so much on acoustics.
But maybe it’s a preamp thing.

I’ve been so lazy lately that I’ve been using only three mics, for nearly all of the 50 90 project - a pair of EV/Blue Cardinals and an SM 57. I got the Cardinals for 300 for the pair. They are not quite as bright as your Rode.

Tom - I have no experience with tube mic’s such as the NTK. I could be convinced though. I tried a tube effects device once & it was definitely noisy (because of the tube I believe). The NTK still has a bump in the siblence range, like most of the LD mic’s that I have looked at (including the Neumanns).

I use the CAD Trion 8000, it’s the only mic I own.

People are always commenting on my vocals since I got it. :agree:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

No reason tubes should be any noisier than solid state. Unless there is a design problem.