Stuff I want to sell

and you want to buy! :slight_smile:

  1. Vox Brian May amp, used almost not at all. the Fiend has these for 150, I’ll sell for 120 plus shipping.

    2. That darned Berry Auto Com thingie. What’s it worth?

    PM me. :)

Bah - hardly :)

Tom - I don’t have any use for the stuff but you could try eBay. I buy & sell stuff there all the time. In fact, I’m waiting for my '66 Fender Deluxe Reverb to arrive any day now.


Oh, now surely you have underestimated the value of these items! :)

Anyone? :)

Just let us know when you get tired of your 77DX and Varacoustic, 'cause there’s a spot in my mic locker for each one.

mmmmmm…velocity microphones…

OK, no problem, I will let you know! And I’ll throw in the Berry comp thing for free, too! :)

What’s the amp REALLY sound like?

Really? Well, I got some cool sounds out of it, but in the end I’ve decided that it sounds like an expensive solid state fuzz box. When I got it I thought it sounded pretty cool, but I have trouble getting it to sit well with things.