stupid beginner question: input echo

can’t hear as i play

I’m trying out n-Track as an inexpensive multitrack for my sister. I’m having a ridiculous problem: I can record and play back the recording, but I can’t hear what I’m playing as I play it. There must be one simple button to click (in Sonar it’s Input Echo) to let myself hear what I’m playing. Please, someone, for the love of pete, what is it?

the “live” button connects the input to the output, but you don’t necessarily need it. Some soundcards using asio drivers (and maybe WDM as well - not sure) allow you to monitor in hardware, so the inputs are routed directly to the outs without going thru your software. Doing it this way avoids latency issues. try the live button, or post what sound card you are using for further help.


yep, maaszy’s right.

you need to either listen through your soundcard’s direct monitoring, or use the live feature-setup a blank audio track, arm it for recording from the input your instrument is connected to. turn off any other inputs you don’t want record-or it’ll add latency. for example, if you have your inputs 1-4 showing in your recording vu meter-and you’re only going to use 1, either disable 3/4’s “enable live input processing” in the vu meter, or disable the inputs via the "select I/O channels"

if you don’t, n-track will apply live input to them too, even if you’re not using them. the result is extra latency.