stupid groups question

On Saturday I closed the groups window ( briefly was the intention ) so I could look at my project files on the whole screen. Now, however, I cant get them back. View - mixers??

Probably I’m stupid. Please can someone help?


Hi spooner:
They can’t be too far away…

Have you tried??

Under VIEW…> Mixer…> Track Mixer… If you’ve created a “GROUP/GROUPS” then they gotta be in there… At any rate… they can’t be too far away…

I hope that helps…


Hey, there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

It takes a person to be stupid. :p

But, get in line. We’ve all been there. :D

right click on any mixer and tick “show groups”.

xonxoff, let me buy you a beer… :)

Yeah its view - mixers - toggle all groups -Right click - Show mixer strip selection in the time line.

Now I can see the groups whenever I want! Obvious!!?

Thanks guys for your posts!


xonxoff, let me buy you a beer…

Ha! Thanks. Beer is fine, but red wine would be better…

Glad you got it sorted.

Like Jeff said…