Stupid newbie question about tracks

I’m sure this has been asked and answered many times but I don’t know anything about recording and wouldn’t know how to search the forum for a solution. I’m recording acoustic songs with the app on my Samsung Galaxy. The first track is guitar and voice at the same time. I’d like to add another track for guitar lead but I can’t figure out how to play track 1 while recording without recording track 1 a second time, which comes out tinny. I tried using headphones but that overrode the mic and nothing recorded on track 2. Thanks for any help!

Click the red dot (to the right of the M and the S) on the guitar & song track, and select «Don’t record». Then click the same button on the track you want to record on. That should do it. Oh, and if you’re singing, you definitely should use headphones.

At the left end of every track is a round button. This button turn red when it is in record mode. *If you have multi track recoding be sure that all of the track you wish to use are check - made available. Go to tracks and add a new audio track or at the upper part of the left hand track section this is an Icon that will add a track. Make certain the track you don’t wish to record on has the Record Button off( not red) turn on the Recording on the track you wan to record on.
that ought to work.