Stupid Question

I’m trying to do something really basic. I’d like to upload a backing track onto ntrack, then plug my mic into my soundcard, jam to the track, and record the jam, (minus the backing track) as a separate file. For some reason when I upload a track, hit play and then record, my new recorded track always includes the backing track as well which makes it impossible to add effects etc… How do I record my jam as a separate file??

If you can’t tell already I’m pretty green at this recording stuff and after two hours or so of frustration the info in the manual is starting to look like Chinese so I’d appreciate any help you could give me.


I dont know what soundcard you are using, but you need select the source that you want record. Go to the windows recording mixer and check “mic” (or “line-in” if you have a external mixer connected). This will record only what go in from the Mic.

To found the windows recording mixer go to:
Start button > Programs > Accesories > entertainment > Volume control
and there
Optios > properties > Recording


Thanks Marce, I got it.


Are you going to post your solo track back to whomever created the backing track?

If so, the backing track should have a count-in click, and you should include a copy of that count-in click in your posted track. Otherwise, there’s a good likelihood of synchronization problems when the two get put back together.

Alternatively, if your part doesn’t start at the very beginning, copy-paste or mix in a bit of the beginning into your track. Just something so the originator can line it up later.

You can’t rely on the tracks starting at the same place, for two unrelated reasons (DAW WAV file offsets and MP3 inserting silence).