Stupid Questions.... Highlighting and Moving

Ok… I haven’t been able to figure out how to make N-Track stop highlighting. For example, when I’m trying to automate volume, I’ll try to grab one of the little volume nodes and instead N-Track thinks I’m trying to highlight the track. Very frustrating!! It becomes almost impossible to grab the nodes without N-Track highlighting instead.

A simliar thing happens at other times when it thinks I’m trying to move tracks around, but I’m not. For example, some times when I actually WANT to highlight stuff, I click on one of the tracks and it “grabs” it and moves it instead.

It looks like in older versions there were buttons on the toolbar to change the mode that the mouse was in, but I can’t find this in Version 5.

Any help??

The button looks like a little ramp and defaults to volume envelope drawing. It is a “toggle” type button. Click once for “ON”, click again for “OFF”. The little arrow next to the ramp allows you to pull down a menu where you can select other types of envelopes to draw.


EDIT: You don’t need the old “mouse mode” tool anymore. Each track or clip will have a cross shaped icon on the left end. You grab that icon to move the track/clip.

even when i am IN the envelope drawing mode, N-Track still sometimes won’t let me click on volume node and move it left and right… instead it thinks i am trying to highlight a section of the WAV. anyone else had this problem? sometimes if i zoom WAAAY in on the node i’m working on it helps the problem, but not always.