mixing some tracks (not a mixdown of all

I would like to put some of my tracks together in one track, i.e., my guitar tracks in one track, my trumpet tracks in another track, etc. Please, let me know how to. Thanks

If you want to bounce the submix to a file, you can use the File -> Mixdown command to mixdown only the tracks you want to submix (click ‘more options’ in the Mixdown box, and make sure only the tracks you want to include are selected in the “Tracks to mixdown” box). After the mixdown you can remove the tracks from the song and import the wav file you’ve just created.

If you don’t want to bounce to a file but want instead to control say all of your guitar tracks with a single slider, you can set the guitar tracks to send their output to a new “Group” channel. You can then control all of the tracks volumes/pan with the new Group channel sliders. Also effects you add to the group channel will be applied to the signal from all the tracks that go to the Group. You can have as many Group channels as you want, to group together various types of instruments.