Succesfully using SB X-fi sound card?

Is anyone here?

Hi there guys. I have always enjoyed using N-track, but it seems lately I have some trouble. I think it’s only since some of the newer version 4 releases. Whenever there is a midi item in the song, I get clicks on any track I record. The clicks are annoying to me, an unacceptable. I have been using an X-fi (Sound Blaster) and I like the sound very much. I have been using Jamstix as well, and that apparently counts as midi as far as causing clicks. I would consider changing sound cards, (even though I like the sound of this one, and otherwise it suits me well), but I am hoping there is someone on here who uses N-track with the Sound Blaster X-fi successfully. Plus, I am having trouble finding good buffering settings. I can go 10 buffers at 512 samples, but that seems to lead to excessive CPU usage. I can go 2 buffers at 2500 samples, but that isn’t so great either. I’ve tried everything in between, and a few exceptionally high numbers.
This computer can play the latest games with relative ease, so it seems to be able to load data easily and efficiently. I don’t know what else to include. Any other X-fi users here?

PS. I’m using the WDM drivers, ASIO works but poorly in my experience on this card.
PPS. DOH, I’m recording in 44,100 at 24 bit left-justified