Suggestions for individual tracks

I would like to be able to add notes/comments to tracks. Ideally multiple notes on specific places.

When applying an effect, I would like to be able to apply the effect to a specific part of the track.
Sometimes I don’t want the effect applied to the entire track. Sometimes I do.

My work-around right now is to copy the track, apply the effect to the cloned track and cut/mute all but the section that I want the effect to be used.

You can use an AUX channel then draw a Send/return envelope.

At the bottom of the tracks Fader Strip you click on Add Send. Then Click on the add an envelope icon ion the the Menu Bar - it looks like a long triangle, a tool tip should help identify it. ( you may have to add the icon by customizing the menu - the cog at the far right of n-Track screen.)
Go back to the track where you added the send. It will be marked Aux 1 or Aux 2. Add the effect on to the Aux track.
Pull down the bottom of the left-hand box at the left end of the timeline Wave form display. That will display three settings display strips/boxes. The lower one will probably be displaying the Volume Envelope. On the right hand end of that box is an arrow that will open a drop down menu that includes Draw the Send/Return envelope.
Sorry if this sounds complicated. I don’t know why the selection is not just an option under the Envelope Drawing icon.

I was unaware of this.
I truly appreciate your help.

Glad to share. I appreciate your thanks.