summer fusion

Hey all,
here’s a new tune I just put together today. The drums are fruity loops and the insturments are all lined straight. Just a bunch of overdubbing. The songs not finished but I thought I put it on here for some recording critiques. Enjoy!
Summer Fusion

Great tune, very funky.

Can’t hear the bass as much as I’d like, needs a bit more punch.

The beginning section needs something adding after 8 bars of the guitar riff to break it up. Another layer of slightly different guitar tone panned in from wide on each side until the bridge perhaps or another harmonising riff.

Nice song, got my feet tapping.


yeah, I hear that as well. I guess I’m used to writing for a horn section. I’m glad you said tha bass was a bit shy, I’ve kinda felt that as well. Thanks for the input!