Superior drummer 3 multichannel

Hi there,
I am using n-track 9 standard and I want to use the multichannel mode of the Superior Drummer 3.
After switching the multi-mode in SD3 there is only Channel 1 and 2 in the DAW (Kick)
How can I change this. Thanks.

Instruments placed on MIDI tracks are stereo. Multichannel ones are supported when added to the dedicated instrument channel. The other outputs should be available when you instantiate the plugin using the Add new channel -> Add instrument channel menu.


HI Flavio,
thanks for your reply. It works.
i have a MIDI channel (superior drummer) for the midi files and a instrument channel for the multichannel superior drummer). But the kick drum (channel 1 and 2) has no insert fx. So I have to start with channel 3+4 for the kick, ch 5+6 for the snare and so on. I can live with that.