Support needed

Hello guys,

My song “Gotta Live da Cup” is participating in a world wide contest of original songs for the 2010 soccer World Cup.

The contest consists in getting the highest Youtube view count by the time the final game of the cup starts… that is almost 5 months from today.

I didn’t write the song for the contest, but for the fun of it. When I uploaded the video I found out about the contest which started in May.2009, so I am way behind the leaders.

So… I am humbly asking for your support (just took my sombrero off and bowed) which consists in two distinct activities:

1) Watch the video… more than once would be great, daily over breakfast would be mega-great and also good for your health (I still don’t know why, but I’m shure I can come up with something if one of you offers for the experiment).

2) Please share the link over the email with all your friends (or your enemies, if you don’t like the song).

The link to the video is

The link to the contest page is

Thanks so much pals !!!


If this post is out of context in the forum, please erase it.


Critiques on the song would be warmly welcome. Past comments on my work were extremely helpful and fun to receive.

Cheers !

Poppa’s no longer on the board.

You have my vote!!!1

Muchas gracias Tom !!!

How long has Poppa been gone ? Is everything all right with him ?

did him win teh meat as in my contry where it from?

Horace Frankendingle hugh Jass sort of bothered him too much, I think, and he unregistered a couple of months ago.

My public thanks to Poppa. He really helped me getting started (a lot of it off-forum).

:laugh: That was the great thing about pop's, he liked helping and never said no.

So all of a sudden were pals are we :laugh: Ok I’ll see what I can do :agree: as pops used to say; “gluck”

Yeap Levi, that’s the cool thing about forums… you get to know people just because you know how they think and feel… and as you say, all of the sudden we’re pals !

Cheers guys !

This n-Track Board is a pretty nice place to hang around…
There’s some pretty clever guys here…

Just read between the lines…

Thank you for tolerating me, Gents…