Surprize TOM S

and you guys tell me if im crazy

This is a top secret project, I want to do music reviews on Soundclick as podcasts.

tell me if im nuts, any suggestions?

Tom, hope you don’t mind I used you as a test subject. I couldnt get the lab rats to make any music.

It’s in the player that says Room 8,


Well, personally I think the project is off to a brilliant start.

Nice ears!

Having listened to it a second time, objectively this time, I have to say that that is really well done. Any artist would love to have a review done that well, that coherently, that sympathetically.

Great! I’m going to open up the review thread in a week or two, should be fun

I’ve always been a big fan so it was easy! I have this folder of downloads of your stuff, I should put together ‘the album that Tom never made’.

I ran that baby’s picture through some facial aging software. Looks just like the Ferengi!

Seriously though, I think it’s a great idea- for both the musicians you review and yourself. Good luck!

Whoah…that’s a GREAT idea!

That personal touch makes it extra special.

PLEASE do me!!! Any tune you like! :p

Hey Craigo!

I just posted a review for Just Let Go! BUT it will take a few hours to submit, should be up early Sunday Morning!

You realize I’m going to put this up on iTunes in a few weeks?

See ya!

Hey thanks for that!!

Your reviews are always constructive Kev which is exactly how they should be :agree:

Plus you have a great radio voice.

Man that’s just GREAT :agree:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do that…and I’m glad you carried on with the home recording!!

You just made my day :)

Hey thanks Tom for the compliment,

Ha! Craig you might have noticed I avoided using your last name because I couldn’t remember if Veitch rhymes with Beach, or B*tch! Yikes! :whistle: So I just kept saying, this guy, this fellow,… Ha ha!

Yeah, really, how is your last name pronounced, Craig?

Nice one, Nixon. Go for it.

PS. Room 8? Can’t see it.

heh heh rhymes with beach :)