Sweet Spot


I’ve posted a brand new re-mix of a song on my last CD called “Sweet Spot” - Sweet Spot (scroll down).

One guy who originally heard this song thought it was about tennis - go figure. This re-mix is a lot tighter sounding & much better mixed than the original. That’s Mick Fleetwood on drum loops again.

Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more songs as I finish them.


Listened to ‘Sweet Spot’.

I enjoyed it - the guitar work makes me think of Dire Straits, the vocals of Neil Young (except much much better than Neil Young’s voice!).

I tried to find problems in the mix - nope.
I tried to find annoyances in the sound - nope.

The only thing I might change is perhaps add a harmony or 2 to the last chorus to distinguish it from the other choruses, but this is a personal preference - great job.

I liked it.


Thanks for the feedback Dan!!! You’ve got me pegged.

I tried to come up with a harmony but nothing stuck. I’ll give it another try.

I should post the original mix so you can A/B it.

I’d love to listen to the original mix - by all means post it or send to me.

If you have song ideas and you need an objective ear, mine is listening!