Sweetwater Drops Behringer

Who’s to follow?


Is there a story behind this?

sure this post isn’t too American-centric??

I am now officially the watchdog.


"BEHRINGER Spezielle Studiotechnik GmbH (Behringer) is a German company, founded in its present form in 1989, that manufactures and sells professional (or studio) audio equipment, DJ products, electric pianos, guitars, and event lighting equipment. The company began outsourcing manufacturing to China before it was common among other manufacturers in this field."

So, which of the United States are you claiming Germany and China are part of? ???

Sweetwater Sound, Inc.
5501 US Hwy 30 W
Fort Wayne, IN 46818


So…what’s the story? ??? Bet they’re hopping mad at Berry HQ.

I will choose to consider this promising. I suspect it may be a desire on the part of Sweetwater to find some kind of middle ground between yer AMS/Guitar Satan and places that sell the high end stuff (Mercenary Audio, Sonic Circus, Vintage King, et. al.). That’s Ameri-centric, but hey…

Frankly, until they drop Monster Cable as a supplier I still won’t shop there, but dumping Uli and his shady business practices are a good start…

I wish dealers in my country (DK) would start stocking other brands than Behringer. Not that I have been dissatisfied with their gear (bought a lot of it, in fact), but in many fields of equipment, Behringer is the only choice available in the stores.

I like the stuff Alesis, Yamaha and ALTO makes, but, with a few exceptions, it is impossible to get the shops to stock more than a fraction of the gear from those brands here.

Either you go with Behringer, or you have to go with the very expensive brands like Manley or Universal Audio. All I ask for is to stock more mid-priced stuff…

I know I could shop my gear on the internet, but I like to test drive the equipment “hands on” in the shop before I pull out my credit card.

regards, Nils

Clava, I forget - why Monster cable? I knew at one time… :(

From Wikipedia:


Quality and Pricing

Monster Cable and similar “boutique” cables are a main source of revenue for retailers of electronics such as DVD players and TVs. While the margins of DVD players and TVs are usually quite low, the high margins of Monster Cables and similar products provide important revenue for these retailers. The heavy marketing and corresponding bundling of Monster Cable and similar products are de-facto procedures for employees at these resellers.

Whether Monster analog cables actually provide better quality sound or video than generic cables is a highly debated topic among the audio and videophile communities. Various reviews have reported that listeners are unable to tell a difference between substantially higher-priced Monster cables and inexpensive cables.

All digital cables will produce the same quality signal, no matter how cheap the cable, as a digital signal is either correct or totally lacking. Therefore, using Monster for digital interconnects, such as HDMI, DVI, Toslink (optical) audio, or digital audio, will yield no higher sound or video quality than the cheapest capable cable available, if the environment is correct to support digital signals, such as using cables with magnetic shielding.

Monster Cable is aggressively protecting its name and trademark by filing numerous lawsuits and trademark infringement claims against dozens of companies for using the word “monster” in names, products or services.[3] Some consider this simply a strong-arm tactic against small and large companies. Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee defended these actions by saying “We have an obligation to protect our trademark; otherwise we’d lose it” [1]. Some of the items they are sueing about are: Monster Garage, Monster House, Monster Energy Drink, MonsterHTPC, Snow Monsters (a kid’s skiing group), MonsterVintage (small used clothing store), Monsters Inc., Monsters of the Midway (Chicago Bears), Fenway Park’s Monster seats, and the Monster.com employment website.

You want good quality cable? Go to the hardware store and pick up a length of 14/2 electric wire, use the copper ground to wrap around the sheathing and wire white to white; black to red - bingo! best cabling you can find and pennies to the running foot.

Isn’t this the story (from page that phoo linked to):


If you’re looking for quality musical gear we stand behind many manufacturers including Peavey, Mackie, Samson, Hartke, BOSS, and more.

I’ve never bought a Behringer item because I’ve always been concerned how they could offer electronics so much cheaper that it’s competitors.

Um, Sweetwater has never carried Behringer (at least in the 5 or so years I have been dealing with them)… therefore they never dropped them. And my guitar player who worked at Sweetwater as a rep for a few years confirmed they never carried them. They do a redirect like that for many of the names they don’t carry. Try Alvarez, Crate, Washburn, Godin, Creamware, Danelectro, Joe Meek, FMR Audio, Mesa Boogie… you’ll get the same sort of error page.

/conspiracy theory


OK somebody officially call off clarke… what’s the secret call? “woof, woof-woof, bawooof… DOWN BOY!” :D


PS Dang Bubba! You JUST have to wack the conspiracies don’t cha’? Party pooper…

I like conspiracies!

Btw, 14/2 electric wire has gone thru the roof with pricing due to the extreme price of copper by the pound. New housing here has been vandalized alot here of late with the wiring being stripped out of the houses and sold at local metal recycle plant. :(

Same problem here, Yaz.

Some folks were caught a couple of weeks ago after ripping the underground electrical wires that go down a few mile stretch of interstate to the light poles. They were posing as department of transportation workers, complete with a fake DOT marked truck. They would have got away with it except one of them went back to pick up some dropped tools. They had been spotted and confronted by a real DOT manager earlier and alerted the law. By the time the law got there they were gone…except one idiot was spotted by the real manager driving by…IN THE FAKE TRUCK. After they chased him down he told them he was going back for the tools.

There have been numerous reports of missing metal from all kinds of places. Seems like anything metal of any kind of metal is fair game these days.

Wow, I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve bought any wire. I have most of a spool of 14/2 that I bought ages ago still sitting in the basement and I just splice off lengths as I need them; not that I need them very often. Maybe I ought’a take better care of that spool!

Wowsers, you gotta have big balls to pose as DOT. Going back for the tolls eh, that could make the dumb crook news LOL.

Better conserve that spool Bill. Last I heard #1 copper was bringing $4 a pound. I recently bought a 50ft roll of 10/3 for a dryer plug and it ran over $65 bucks. I nearly fainted. Guess I could have put an outside clothes line cheaper.