Some cool FREE stuff

Free stuff.
Check it out. http://holidaygiveaway.sweetwater.com/

Thanks. Downloading now.

Bill - sorry mate it’s over 200Mb. How many days will that take over a modem?


Nice link…



Cool. What is it? (Can’t get there – either the site is slammed, or I’m being blocked from work).:angry:

They have a lot of stuff - some sample tank free stuff, an NI drum loops, some tutorial software (e.g. basic music theory), soem forms for studio use (track sheets), some white and pink noise files, some files for tuning (a bass playing an A, some concert instruments playing Bb), Amplitube Uno, a version of snik synth - looks like some fun stuff.

Site is slammed…

Me thinks their box is SWAMPED!!! :D


thankz,crankz(had to)
great stuff my dl mgr says2.5hrs

Neat! Thanks for the link, Crankz1.

This site must cool down at some point, and if any of you folks see something you must have and can’t get in, I don’t think it’d be that much of a hassle to get it to you. Speak up, if you’re so inclined, I’ll try and e-mail it?

Hey … not a problem.
I’m sure their server must get slammed at times. Specially with the full download of 217 megs. :O
Hope everybody gets what they want.

Happy Holidays!