Sydney's gone mad

I feel ill

Well, I’ve just been reading about some riots going on in Sydney today. Last week some surf lifesavers were bashed by some thugs of middle eastern appearance, and it looks like the bogan have retaliated.

I’m frankly disgusted by this, because the yobs are taking it out on innocents.,10117,17531782-2,00.html…s&t=s29

It’s not just the yobs - some guy’s been stabbed in the back by men of middel eastern appearance. Both sides need to be neutered and New South Wales needs to be detached from the rest of Australia.

And from


The racial violence that erupted at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach has now spread to other suburbs across the south and east of the city. Police in riot gear are attempting to control a crowd numbered in the hundreds at Brighton Le Sands, near Sydney Airport. Further east, around 30 rioters used baseball bats and stakes to destroy cars parked along the main road leading to Maroubra Beach. Police have confirmed a 23 year old man has been stabbed and seriously wounded in a brawl in the southern suburb of Woolooware. Yesterday, around five thousand people converged on Cronulla, with many shouting racist abuse and waving Australian flags. Police arrested twelve people. The racial tensions flared after text messages began circulating among two rival groups urging violent attacks on each other.

Truely sickening, and I’m very glad we don’t have the US gun laws…


Australia is supposed to be above this. Fucking cowards.

Yuk !
EDIT: You’re in the news over here too.

What’s the background to this Willy?

Things like this amost always have a history.

Quote (Guest @ Dec. 11 2005,14:32)
What’s the background to this Willy?

Things like this amost always have a history.

Is something similar to the France incidents?

Hang in there Willy.

D – of the opinion that STUPIDITY is universal…

I live in Sydney, but thankfully not close to any of the suburbs involved in these incidents the last few days.

It all came to a head when a group of thugs beat up a pair of surf lifesavers last weekend. A completely cowardly act when the surf life savers here are volunteers that give up their time and risk their lives to protect and watch over swimmers at the beach.
The gand was reportedly a group of lebanese or middle easterners (depending on the report).

This weekend was the retaliation and it was not helped by the media hyping up the threats between each group which gave the whole thing a lot more publicity and attracted a lot more people than if the media just left it alone.

The group that has retaliated against the middle easterners has shown that they are no better than the original group of thugs as they were attacking ambulances and ambulance staff trying to help the injured.

All very sickening an disturbing and the more the media gives it attentin the more the yobbo element wants to get in on the action.

I have to ask: to what extent have US policies added to the tension that produced the problems in France and Australia?

Violence begets violence. I’ve heard it said: There is no path to peace, peace is the path.


I have to ask: to what extent have US policies added to the tension that produced the problems in France and Australia?

I would say, very very little in our case. If more Mosques were being burnt down, maybe I’d agree.

There’s been leb-skip tension in Sydney for years ASAIUI.

I think this guy has a few valid points as to the causes, but mostly he’s full of shit:…44.html

This is on the ball:…37.html

Maybe I know nothing, but I know how I feel.


Ok, I’m going out on a limb here, and saying US foreign policy has bugger all to do with it. Not everything in the world is a reaction to the US. It’s probably more a reaction to the lebanese gangs getting around sydney. Read the article below, it goes into the the crap that the leb/skip gangs are pulling. Skip = white, btw.…44.html

Two pages, read them both.

Willy “My god, I’m turning into Toker” Phillips.

That is just sad Willy and Rich.

Even if you’re not that close to it, ‘domestic violence’ is never a good thing…

I know it shouldn’t, but it always surprises me how quickly the animal in people can just jump out and cause violence. (As with the New Orleans thing a while ago as well).

I just hope that this have a quick and painless end.

Thoughts are with you guys down under.


(and btw Willy, you’re not turning into Toker :) You are posting links about stuff so that we can know what’s going on, not to shovel your opinion…)

You think Sydney has gone mad? So has the rest of the world!

You can’t even pass peoples houses these days without being threatened with violence:(

Hi Willy,

Feel for you mate! I’m British and live in Dubai. There is a large Lebanese prescence here and some of the younger ones can be abrasive and arrogant. They are the only people I’ve ever been threatened by in the 8 years I’ve been here(except for my fellow Brits, and that’s normal). I guess the thing that keeps them in check here is that the Police know how to deal with them. Although penalties in the UAE are not as severe as Saudi, the laws are applied to the Letter and anyone fighting is going to go to Jail. Someone convicted of the kind of brutal assault that is described in the article is going to be jailed and then deported to thier home country.
I hope everything calms down, but I guess the wounds will not easily heal and there will be an undercurrent for a long time,
Take care!


Not everything in the world is a reaction to the US.

Thank goodness. Thanks for the links, Willy.


Thank goodness. Thanks for the links, Willy.

Well, we can’t keep blaming you guys for everything now can we? :D

While things like 9/11 (or 11/9 as we do dates day/month/year) various other events (london, bali, spain) have given muslims and islam a bad name and raised people’s awareness, I think this would have been a problem sooner or later regardless.

And the sad thing is, we don’t seem to hear much from the muslim community condeming the bad eggs either. Things that spring to mind locally are the fellows who were gang raping teenage white girls specifically, and the would be terrorists who were arrested in melbourne just last month.

I’m sure there’s plenty of white bastards too though - I’m not so naive to think otherwise - we just hear more about the muslims I suppose.,10117,17513853-29277,00.html…ck=true

And then you get this (and was condemned for), which he later retracted:

SYDNEY’S Islamic community yesterday condemned one of its own leaders who claimed rape victims had no one to blame but themselves.
But as Muslims inundated Arabic-speaking radio stations to deplore Sheik Faiz Mohamad’s controversial comments, the Muslim leader apologised.

The apology came as the Sheik appeared to insist that rape victims were still “partly” accountable for what happened to them.

The 34-year-old former Australian boxing champion admitted he used an address at his Global Youth Islamic Centre in Liverpool to assert rape victims who dressed in skimpy clothing brought it on themselves.

“A victim of rape every minute somewhere in the world. Why? No one to blame but herself. She displayed her beauty to the entire world,” he told the 1000-strong crowd.

"Strapless, backless, sleeveless, nothing but satanic skirts, slit skirts, translucent blouses, miniskirts, tight jeans - all this to tease man and appeal to his carnal nature."

The Sheik yesterday backed away from his comments, claiming he had been misunderstood and had made a mistake.

“I know I said something not thinking at that time. However, with all honesty from the depths of my heart, I never meant it like this,” he said.

"Maybe I should have said it another way meaning they are attracting to themselves and are partly to blame but not fully to blame."

Arabic radio station 2ME morning host Anis Ghanem said he was inundated with calls yesterday from people outraged by the comments.

He said the station had received more than 100 calls, with just three defending the Sheik’s right to free speech.

A dozen Muslim organisations yesterday joined forces to deplore the comments, saying: "The responsibility for an evil act such as rape lies solely at the feet of the person who commits it. There is never an excuse for rape. Rape, being one of the most heinous of sins, can never be justified on the grounds of dress."

The organisations include the al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development, the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network (AMCRAN), the Muslim Village Network, the Islamic Foundation of Australia (IFA) and the Muslim Women’s National Network of Australia (MWNNA).

Jamila Hussain of the MWNNA said the Sheik’s comments would “only really reflect a very small, very conservative minority of Muslims”.

Premier Bob Carr joined the growing chorus of people outraged by the comments, saying he will ask the Community Relations Commission to counsel Sheik Mohamad.

He said the comments have “appalled many law-abiding Muslims in Sydney who don’t act out his approach to life”.

“He does not represent majority Islamic opinion in this nation,” Mr Carr said.

I think that there may be just a bit of paranoia going around at the moment. 9/11 might have contributed, but certain people’s actions and the media hasn’t helped.

Just found Skaf’s wiki entry:

And this one covers the supposed Anti Muslim sentiment…


Hrm, I am glad to see in that guys view the male of the species has so much self control. Sheesh…

I went and read the story on MSN Willy. It is as I thought… stupid people doing stupid things… unfortunately, it appears to be a universal thing. :(




stupid people doing stupid things… unfortunately, it appears to be a universal thing

Amen to that, Brother.
The rise of Nationalism and racial hatred here in the UK is truly alarming.
I live in a tiny backwater town and even here we have trouble.
Sad thing is that, as a port, we have been used to seeing nationals of many countries and hearing foriegn tongues spoken on our streets. It never was a problem until recently.
Now local yobs roam around looking for anyone “strange” to abuse. Favourite targets at the moment are eastern europeans, mostly Latvians who live and work here quite legally as EU citizens.
The local yobs want them out, I don’t, I want the yobs out :angry:
I want my town back AND I WANT IT NOW :angry: :angry: :angry:

Oh dear! Beefy’s getting angry…

Well, the media’s not reporting it anymore in the hope that the violence will slow down, but apparently the leb gangs (and presumably the whites) are still at it with the retalitory attacks. 43 bashings and stabbings last I heard. Dunno how true it is…

Media’s probably far more to blame than 9/11 too Tom: